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            About RoyalElite
            Royal Elite New Energy Science & Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd (Royal Elite) is a global leading solutions provider for end-users in graphite application zones including industries of steel, metallurgy, non-ferrous, PV, energy storage, optical fiber, semiconductor, chemicals. In addition, Royal Elite provides them with special graphite blocks & rods, graphite electrodes, precision machined graphite parts & components, bipolar 
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              Xiongji battery, an old and famous brand for half a century, has won several honorable titles, such as Ministry-level Quality Provincial Quality , Famous Brand of Yangzhou , and Reliable Products for Customer . The products are sold well in the countries and regions of Europe, South America, Middle East, and Africa.

              In order to match with the alteration of the old city zone of Yangzhou, the company bought about 3 hectares lands in Yangzhou Yizheng Xinji Industrial Park to build workshops and outbuildings and add some pieces of production lines, which had finished the complete alteration of the old enterprise. At present, Yangzhou Xiongji Battery Co., Ltd has several battery production lines of LR6, LR03, R20S, R6P, and R03P, etc, adds several 200T extrusion presses, and punches R20, R6, and R03 zinc tube independently, which ensures the quality fundamentally and finishes the quality match of the manufacturing system.

              Our company takes the quality and brand of Xiongji Battery as our tenet; pays more attention to the invitation and training of the talents, inviting excellent university men as the new strength every year; and cooperates with both domestic and foreign research structures and famous universities to implement technical alteration and product s development.

              With the principle of Strict management and creditable service; keeping the brand instead of the benefit , Xiongji Battery builds up the classic enterprise image. And our products have passed the certification of ISO9001, European Union CE, and ROHS. The company insists on the principle of credit-oriented; Be a man before doing business all the time, and implements humanized management to the enterprise, creditable service to the customer, and strict demands to the products.

            • Xiongji battery, an old and famous brand for half a century, has won several honorable titles, such as Ministry-level Quality Provincial Quality , Famous 





              SHRPSY 提供成套的半導體 / 電子封裝 封焊石墨夾具




              用于半導體 玻璃 - 金屬密封或釬焊封裝的石墨模具





              太陽能行業 :


              PECVD (化學氣相沉積)作為太陽能電池片生產過程中關鍵環節之一,對電池片鍍膜的均勻性、色差及能量轉換率有著直接關系。 而作為設備中硅片鍍膜載體,石墨舟將起到非常重要的作用。








              SHRPSY 可以提供您需要的各種石墨舟配件, 且所有相同配件之間具有極高的一致性和高精度以及互換性。而且我們專業的員工可上門提供工藝點更換服務,節省您的人力成本. 您也不用擔心因更換工藝點過程中導致舟片損壞的風險.我們將解決您的一切后顧之憂......




              提供高質量的半導體級別陶瓷材料組件,使陶瓷組件更耐腐蝕。 表面光滑處理使裝配更方便 。





              SHRPSY 可提供石墨舟裝配校驗治具,以便于客戶在裝配 完成后檢驗石墨舟是否安裝水平 . 盡可能降低人為裝配問題對舟的 影響, 從而減少對工藝以及成膜的影響 .。






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